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    Public API

    I would love to have the possibility to fetch "ideas", "announcements" via API. So I can output it on my Web site.

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  2. Add Frill widget to Notion

    We use Notion for internal and public pages. I would love to add the widget to Notion so we can collect without having to leave the Notion environment.

    Edward B
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  3. Discord bot

    Ability to add ideas from a discord chat directly to Frill. Ideally you could use Slash commands /feedback where the bot prompts you on the idea you want to add. Would love to in particular for crypto related projects - where feedback is constantly streaming into the discord chat.

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  4. Mark idea as private

    Certain ideas are mentioned within the team and may want to be kept private for some time. It will be nice to be able to mark ceratin ideas as private esptially when posted by a team member.

    Mark A
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  5. Zapier Integration

    This would make it much easier to link ideas back into our project management tools inside the business.

    Lily J
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  6. Office365 AAD integration

    Could you please provide Office365 AAD integration? We are using Office365 through different systems to log our customers/users on, and cannot use your current SSO option to ensure sign-on.

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  7. Advanced Text Editor

    More options to format the body of your idea as well as attach screenshots and screen recordings.

    Mike Hill


  8. Sign up for account using Google, 0365, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter in addition to email

    Canny and Upvoty both allow these signup options

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  9. Custom links in menu

    I'd like to add some custom links to the menu. Things like links to our help docs or maybe an on boarding video.

    Mike Hill
    #New Feature 🆕#Widget 🚀


  10. 'Subscribe to updates' option

    It'll be great if users can subscribe to announcements so that they get automatic email updates on every new announcement. This can increase engagement with the product and bring back lost customers. Example:

    Waqar A
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  11. Wordpress Plug-in - SSO

    At the moment wordpress users cannot use the SSO in the roadmap widget. This would be a welcome addition.

    Mark F
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  12. HelpScout integration

    It would be great to have an integration so we can see what ideas a user has created or voted on previously.

    Lily J
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  13. Ability to share a Poll with users to gather feedback

    Would be incredibly useful if I could use Frill to gather feedback on feature ideas through Polls. For instance, if I'm considering a certain feature, or want feedback about changing something in the app, I could create a poll and invite users to participate. Since the results will directly feed into ideas / roadmap / announcements, it makes sense that Frill would be a useful host for the poll itself.

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  14. Intercom Integration

    As an intercom customer I'd love to have an integration that allowed customers to be synced across platforms allowing voting on behalf as well as customer lookup.

    Mike Hill
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  15. A time estimate for how long a planned idea will take to before it's shipped

    As someone who's submitted an idea I want to know roughly how long it might be before it makes it into the product.

    Damien H
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