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    Tracked users interface

    I would like an admin interface to see how many people are interacting with my Frill ideas board. Eg number of voters, commenters and idea creators.

    Mike Hill
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  • Vote on behalf of customers

    I want to use this tool internally w/o including my customers for now

    Aron H
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  • Set vote count to 1 instead of 0 upon creation of a new idea

    When a new idea is created, it has 0 votes by default and then the creator of the idea has to manually add a vote to get it to 1 vote. It should instead default to 1 vote where the creator of the idea automatically has their vote applied. If someone cares enough to make an idea, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t also want to vote on their own idea. The current setup just causes people to perform more clicks or if they forget to upvote their idea, it may not show up under Trending.

    #Improvement πŸ‘


  • Anonymous Users

    We plan on using Frill for internal HR initiatives. We’d like people to be able to vote and create ideas anonymously. We’re hoping this will allow them to feedback more honestly.

    Mike H
    #Improvement πŸ‘#New Feature πŸ†•#Privacy πŸ”’


  • Timeline

    if you could add timeline delivery for features, and the roadmap shows potential delivery dates

    Vaibhav N


  • Allow admins to edit the number of votes

    I would like migrate my actual "feedback" list in frill, but I don't want lose the vote, so would be nice if admin can setup an initial level of votes for new ideas.

    #Improvement πŸ‘#Misc 🀷


  • Ability to reorder Topics in sidebar

    Currently there's no way to reorder Topics in the sidebar, so you either have to know all the topics you want to add upfront and add them in the correct order, or deal with having Topics listed in a fairly random order. Being able to reorder Topics like you can Statuses would be fantastic.

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  • Smart Merge

    As we get more ideas on our board it becomes harder to keep track of everything and ensure that similar ideas are merged. It would be great of there was a way for Frill to recognise and suggest potentially similar ideas and present them to me for merging. This would save a huge amount of time and more accurately show the popularity of feature quests.

    Mike Hill
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  • No Status not translated

    "No Status" isn't translated also if I included the translation

    #Bug πŸ›


  • Dark mode

    I love the material design of the website but a dark mode is a must-have in my opinion.

    #Improvement πŸ‘#Styling 🎨


  • Language Mapping

    We have clients in different parts of the world. It would be great to have the interface elements of Frill updatable to a language of our choosing.

    Mike Hill
    #Languages πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¬


  • Embedded roadmap

    I would be happy to have the possibility to embed a roadmap into my application/website. So I could see it as iframe and my users will know what is planned next

    #Integrations πŸ”—


  • Advanced Text Editor

    More options to format the body of your idea as well as attach screenshots and screen recordings.

    Mike Hill


  • Better idea approval settings

    As an admin, I don't want spam and want to be able to block silly suggestions & censor people and all their contributions.

    Boris G
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Misc 🀷


  • Wordpress Integration

    Would be great to have a plugin to embed the ideas/roadmap directly into Wordpress with SSO for logged in users.

    Ilan M
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