New updates and improvements to

  1. We've just launched our new widget builder which lets you create unlimited widgets.

    widget - for announcement

    What are widgets?

    Widgets are an embeddable form of Frill. They allow you to add Frill to your website / app so that users don't have to leave your environment.

    Version 1 is for Announcements, but Ideas and Roadmap are close behind.

    You can now choose from 3 distinct styles (Popover, Modal, Sidebar), and also choose from various 'launchers' to activate the widget.

    Build your first widget here 👉

  2. Add attachments to comments

    New Feature

    Your customers can now add attachments (photos and GIFs) to comments.

    This can be a great way for customers to show you ideas they've sketched out...

    or simply do what we do.... and upload gifs đŸ¤Ļ‍♂ī¸.


    Check out the original idea form Roy here:


    Attachments in comments

    Allow us to attach files in comments

    Roy S
    Shipped 🚀


  3. The comments section gets an overhaul today with two nice enhancements...


    Nested Comments ↩ī¸

    Nested replies helps your customers have a cohesive conversation around a topic within the comments section. This works especially well when admins combine this with Pinned Comments.


    Nested Comments

    As a user or an admin I'd like to respond directly to comments on an idea.

    Mike Hill
    Shipped 🚀


    Comment Reactions đŸ”Ĩ

    Choose from 6 emojis to show people what you think about a comment.


    Comment Reactions

    As an admin I want to give kudos or like a comment to show the person I heard them, rather than writing a full reply. Perhaps even a selection of reaction like on Facebook and Instagram.

    Edward B
    Shipped 🚀


    Not happy with reactions? Not to worry... you can turn them off here.

  4. New Slack Integration

    New Feature

    Receive faster notifications with our new native Slack Integration. Get started here.


    Slack Integration

    It would be great to get an alert any time someone adds an idea so we can be as responsive as possible.

    Edward B
    Shipped 🚀


    Integrations are available on all plans.

    As always, we'd love to hear your feedback.

  5. Guest Authentication

    New Feature

    Now, there is no need for your customers to sign up to leave feedback.

    When Guest authentication is activated, your customers only have to leave an email and name to contribute Ideas, vote on ideas, or leave comments.

    You can get started here.


    Guest Authentication

    I would like my customers (and potential customers) to be able to leave an idea with only their email address and name, without having to create an account. Perhaps this email address has to be verified to stop spammers. Creating a Frill account is a blocker for many people and not everyone wants to setup SSO.

    Mike Hill
    Shipped 🚀


    As always, we'd love to hear what you think! đŸĨŗ

  6. Pinned Ideas

    New Feature

    As an admin can now 'pin' Ideas to the top of your board.

    This is perfect for Ideas you need feedback on, or Ideas you really want your customers to see.

    Simply hit the pin icon when you rollover the idea in expanded view.


    Pinned Ideas

    As an admin, sometimes I want to highlight an idea to everyone, no matter how many votes it has. It would be great to pin an idea to the top of the list to really highlight it and get customer feedback.

    Mike Hill
    Shipped 🚀


    As a bonus, you can also do this with comments!


    Pinned Comments

    As an admin, it would be ideal if I could pin a comment to the top of the list. This would allow me to communicate something about the idea for everyone to see.

    Mike Hill
    Shipped 🚀


    Let us know what you think!

  7. A small but significant upgrade this week. You can now schedule Announcements (as well as backdate them if you are importing from another platform).


    Give it a whirl and see what you think! 😄.

  8. Do more with Webhooks!

    New Feature

    Webhooks are live and give you more power to get Frill speaking to other apps like Trello, Slack or.... well... anything really!

    To get started head here.

    And read our Help Doc here.


  9. "Powered by"

    New Feature

    Are you one of our lucky Founding clients? Or maybe you've just bought the White label Add-on?

    Powered by

    Well from today you can get rid of the Frill branding from the portal and the widget.

    This is our first step into white labelling Frill so you can make it your own.

    Start un-branding right here.

  10. Merge Ideas

    New Feature

    No matter what you do sometimes duplicate ideas creep through. Well now you can merge ideas together to keep your board nice and tidy.

    The winning idea will adopt all the losing ideas votes (but not the comments).

    Get started by clicking the Merge button in the admin panel on any idea.


    Merge ideas

    When people submit multiple ideas that are really the same, a way for the admin to merge those and perhaps clean up the text without losing the original votes and submitter info.

    David F
    Shipped 🚀


    Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!