New updates and improvements to

  1. You can now see a list of people who have voted on a particular idea. This is the first step towards some future community features we have planned.



    See who else voted

    I'd love to, at a glance, see the profile photos of other users that have voted on an idea, rather than just see the number of votes.

    Mike Hill
    Shipped 🚀


  2. theme-banner

    Version 1.0 of Themes launches today with 3 stunning looks - Dark, Light, Purple.

    Head over to the Themes section to get started.

    Custom palettes are coming soon!

  3. You can now embed YouTube, Vimeo and Loom videos directly into Announcements.

    Simply hit the "+" button on the left of the Announcement editor and select the new video tile. Take it away Rick

  4. You can now update the customer facing part of Frill into any language you want. đŸ¤¯

    You can start by heading over to the Terminology section.


    Language Mapping

    We have clients in different parts of the world. It would be great to have the interface elements of Frill updatable to a language of our choosing.

    Mike Hill
    Shipped 🚀


    This feature is available on all plans including our free plan.

  5. Big update today! You can now add your Roadmap as part of you existing Widget or create an entirely new one.


    Bonus Feature 1: Micro Roadmaps

    You can filter your Roadmap by a specific Topic. This is perfect for businesses with multiple products and need a Roadmap for each product. đŸ¤¯

    If you are already a customer you can see an example of an embedded Micro Roadmap at the bottom of the page here. This example shows our Widget Roadmap.

    Bonus Feature 2: New Style - Embed

    You can now embed the widget into any container on your website. no Popover, no modal... Frill can sit neatly inside a div on your website/app. Happy days!

    The Widget now has Roadmap and Announcements built in. Ideas are coming soon!

    Build a Roadmap widget here 👉

  6. Frill was not built for bug reporting but inevitably people will still use it to create bugs reports. And you don't always want those bugs to be in a public forum.

    Well, now you can mark an idea as a bug.

    In doing so, the idea is kept private between you and the creator. The creator will get all the same notifications as the bug makes its way through your roadmap, but it will be hidden from everyone else.


    For more on how 'Mark as Bug' works, check out our help doc.

  7. We've just launched our new widget builder which lets you create unlimited widgets.

    widget - for announcement

    What are widgets?

    Widgets are an embeddable form of Frill. They allow you to add Frill to your website / app so that users don't have to leave your environment.

    Version 1 is for Announcements, but Ideas and Roadmap are close behind.

    You can now choose from 3 distinct styles (Popover, Modal, Sidebar), and also choose from various 'launchers' to activate the widget.

    Build your first widget here 👉

  8. Add attachments to comments

    New Feature

    Your customers can now add attachments (photos and GIFs) to comments.

    This can be a great way for customers to show you ideas they've sketched out...

    or simply do what we do.... and upload gifs đŸ¤Ļ‍♂ī¸.


    Check out the original idea form Roy here:


    Attachments in comments

    Allow us to attach files in comments

    Roy S
    Shipped 🚀


  9. The comments section gets an overhaul today with two nice enhancements...


    Nested Comments ↩ī¸

    Nested replies helps your customers have a cohesive conversation around a topic within the comments section. This works especially well when admins combine this with Pinned Comments.


    Nested Comments

    As a user or an admin I'd like to respond directly to comments on an idea.

    Mike Hill
    Shipped 🚀


    Comment Reactions đŸ”Ĩ

    Choose from 6 emojis to show people what you think about a comment.


    Comment Reactions

    As an admin I want to give kudos or like a comment to show the person I heard them, rather than writing a full reply. Perhaps even a selection of reaction like on Facebook and Instagram.

    Edward B
    Shipped 🚀


    Not happy with reactions? Not to worry... you can turn them off here.