New updates and improvements to

  1. Introducing Boosted Announcements

    New Feature

    You can now make your Announcements stand out, with a new feature we're excited to launch today called Boosted Announcements.

    To get started, simply select Boost from the bottom bar and choose a display type.

    Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 11.13.53 am

    As always, please shout out with questions or feedback!


  2. Add the Frill widget to Notion


    You can now add the Frill widget into any Notion Page.

    Click the Embed Link tab on the Get Code window to get your magic link.


    Bonus Feature: You can now embed Frill using an iframe too!


  3. Customize which emails get sent

    New Feature

    You can now choose which emails you want to send.

    Head over to the Emails section in Settings and use the new toggle to turn off and on each email your Frill instance sends to your customers.

    This feature is available on any paid plan.


  4. Widget updates


    We've made some updates to the embeddable widget which we think you are going to love.

    • Design updates for a more modern feel.
    • Global Search.
    • Ability to add your logo.
    • Ability to add a global description.
    • Ability to add a global header.
    • Add Idea button is now more prominent.

    If you'd like to update your current widget simply head over to your Widget builder and go to the Appearance section.

    *All SSO and technical modifications you have made will remain intact!

    Oh and PS.... we fixed an annoying little bug with the notifications bubble on mobile Safari 👊


  5. Intercom Integration

    New Feature

    Our new Intercom Integration has launched and available on all plans!


    There are 2 parts to the new integration:

    • Inbox - Add feedback on behalf of customers and search for ideas from inside Inbox.
    • Messenger - Add Frill to your Messenger widget so your customers can add Ideas directly from your app.

    Install the Intercom Integration here 👉


  6. Keep some Ideas private, but your board public

    New Feature

    You can now keep certain ideas private to just you and your teammates. Simply hit the "Make Private" button in the admin panel, or turn on the toggle when adding an idea yourself.

    This is great for ideas you want to discuss internally but keep on the same board. You can view all private Ideas. You can make the Idea public when you are ready.

    Private Ideas are part of the Privacy Add-on.

    Thanks for the feature request Mark!


    Mark idea as private

    Certain ideas are mentioned within the team and may want to be kept private for some time. It will be nice to be able to mark ceratin ideas as private esptially when posted by a team member.

    Mark A
    Shipped 🚀



  7. July 2022 Release Notes

    Release Notes



    • More examples for controlling the Widget using the Widget API.
    • Terminology now has a toggle to show which fields you have / have not updated.
    • Show all ideas when searching in merge idea form.
    • You can now authenticate users in the widget using JavaScript.


    • Fixed Zendesk Integration settings not saving.
    • Styled + fixed Roadmap scrollbars for Windows Users.

    Up Next:

    Check out our Roadmap.


  8. Hide individual sections

    New Feature

    Don't need the Announcements section? No problem, turn it off!

    Don't need the Ideas section? No problem, turn it off!

    Don't need... ok, you get it right?

    You can now switch on/off (and re-order) the top level menu items of the web platform to suit your use case. Get started here.


    Thanks Andrew, for the Idea!


    Hide specific sections / menu items

    Would be useful to be able to choose to keep Ideas and Announcements public while keeping the roadmap private.

    Shipped 🚀


    This feature is available on any paid plan.


  9. Hide Shipped Ideas from List view


    Frill now hides any Ideas that are marked as Shipped.

    To activate this you will need to tell the app which of your custom Statuses is the "Shipped" one. Simply head to the Statuses section and fill in the drop down at the bottom of the page.


    If your customers want to see Shipped Ideas they can still use the filters or check out your Roadmap.


  10. June 2022 Release Notes

    Release Notes



    • Search Improvements (Note: Please update your Terminology settings if you are using Frill in another language)


    • Fixed announcement categories UI bug
    • Notification emails for Outlook on iOS
    • Announcement webhook data missing

    Up Next:

    Check out our Roadmap