New updates and improvements to

  1. new-dashboard

    We've redesigned the dashboard with a better activity feed as well as a new section to manage all your tracked users.

    From the user management dashboard you can now block users and see details of exactly how they are voting and feedback they have contributed to your board.

    Login to you account to check it out now!


  2. The widget now has two new menu types: Dropdown and Tabs. This makes navigating multi section widgets much easier for your customers.

    When you are signed in, head over to the widget builder and choose your navigation type in the Sections panel.


    Widget Menu - easier way to switch sections

    First, congratulations for the app, we're loving it !!!! In my opinion it's no too clear the 'hamburger' menu on the sidebar widget in order to switch from section to section. Some other system like buttons could better guide users to the right sections.

    Shipped πŸš€


    Bonus feature: You can now change the order of Topics, just like you can with Statuses.


    Ability to reorder Topics in sidebar

    Currently there's no way to reorder Topics in the sidebar, so you either have to know all the topics you want to add upfront and add them in the correct order, or deal with having Topics listed in a fairly random order. Being able to reorder Topics like you can Statuses would be fantastic.

    Shipped πŸš€


    Head over to our Roadmap to see what is coming up.


  3. Anonymous Authentication

    New Feature

    Today we have upgraded the Authentication settings to allow Anonymous users to leave ideas and interact with Ideas and Announcements.

    Anonymous users don't have to leave a name or email address.

    You can also have custom settings allowing you to fine tune authentication based on what a user is trying to do. For example, Anonymous users can vote, but only Registered Users can leave Ideas.

    Head over to the Authentication settings page to get started.


    Anonymous Users

    We plan on using Frill for internal HR initiatives. We’d like people to be able to vote and create ideas anonymously. We’re hoping this will allow them to feedback more honestly.

    Mike H
    Shipped πŸš€



  4. Launched:

    • Jira Integration
    • Bulk Idea upload


    • Billing invoices
    • Fixed clear avatar/logo button position
    • Updated terms of service and privacy policy
    • Added company language to widget
    • Added delete profile warning for company admins

    Up Next:


  5. Are you switching from another platform? Or just want to start using Frill as soon as possible?

    Kick-start your board by importing hundreds of Ideas, set Statuses and create Topics in one hit.

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  6. Add reactions to your Announcements to see what customers think of the news!


    Announcement Reactions

    As an admin I'd really like to see what people think about a feature we announced. This could be done using some simple emojis. πŸ˜„ | πŸ˜• | πŸ™

    Mike Hill
    Shipped πŸš€


    Turn on Reactions in your account right here.


  7. Add Ideas from the widget

    New Feature

    You can now collect ideas seamlessly inside your app using our embeddable widget!


    Get started by updating your existing widget or adding a new one in the widget builder.

    Important: For existing SSO users please check here on how to update your widget.


    Add new ideas from inside widget

    I'd like my customers to add new ideas from directly within the widget.

    Lily J
    Shipped πŸš€



  8. Roadmap Feature Image

    New Feature

    Our Roadmap product just got a huge update. You can now upload a feature image to show off what you are building.

    Check out our Roadmap to see it in action.


    Roadmap - Featured Image

    Ability to add a preview image to the Roadmap cards to highlight the idea. This could be used to showoff design work or simply make the Roadmap more visually diverse.

    Freya S
    Shipped πŸš€