New updates and improvements to

  1. You can now invite teammates to your board as Moderators. Keep all your board settings and billing information private!


    Teammate permissions are available on all plans.

    Get started here.


  2. User Approval

    If you have the Privacy Add-on you can now vet new members before they are allowed onto your board.

    You can get started by turning on user approval in the Privacy section here.


  3. tag-users-comments

    You can now @mention customers and teammates in comments and private notes.

    Bonus: We have also created a new notification system... follow the blue dot! 🔵

    This feature is available on all plans, including our Free plan.


    Tag users in comments

    Allow us to @Tag users in comments and also reply to specific comments (like Facebook doing).

    Roy S
    Shipped 🚀



  4. vote-on-behalf

    Sometimes, when a customer suggests a new feature it's just easier to add it for them.

    This new feature is for those moments!

    You can now:

    • Add an Idea on behalf of a user
    • Add a vote of behalf of a user
    • Add a new user

    Give it a whirl by adding a new Idea and changing the Idea owner at the start of the form.


    Vote on (and Add) Ideas on behalf of customers

    I want to use this tool internally w/o including my customers for now

    Aron H
    Shipped 🚀



  5. You can now use your own email address to send notifications to your customers.

    Get started here.


    Custom Domain for email notifications

    When someone receives an email notification, it would be good to have the option of using a custom domain by setting up SPF and DKIM. This would allow the notification email to be sent from instead of

    Shipped 🚀


    This feature is part of the White Label Add-on.


  6. GDPR Compliance 🇪🇺


    We are excited to announce that Frill is now GDPR compliant.

    GDPR was created to strengthen data protection around personal information for EU citizens.

    For more information please refer to our GDPR page here where you can find a list of sub processors and our Data Processing Agreement.


    GDPR Compliance

    This is a deal breaker in many countries.

    Mike Hill
    Shipped 🚀



  7. better-approval

    Sometimes you want to quickly check ideas before they go live on your board.

    Today we're launching Idea Approval, and it allows you to do just that... When an idea gets submitted, you can decide whether to approve or reject the idea from your dashboard.

    This feature is part of our Privacy Add-on and you can get started here. Thanks to Boris for the original idea!


    Better idea approval settings

    As an admin, I don't want spam and want to be able to block silly suggestions & censor people and all their contributions.

    Boris G
    Shipped 🚀


    Head over to our Roadmap to see what else we have coming up. 🚀


  8. new-dashboard

    We've redesigned the dashboard with a better activity feed as well as a new section to manage all your tracked users.

    From the user management dashboard you can now block users and see details of exactly how they are voting and feedback they have contributed to your board.

    Login to you account to check it out now!


  9. The widget now has two new menu types: Dropdown and Tabs. This makes navigating multi section widgets much easier for your customers.

    When you are signed in, head over to the widget builder and choose your navigation type in the Sections panel.


    Widget Menu - easier way to switch sections

    First, congratulations for the app, we're loving it !!!! In my opinion it's no too clear the 'hamburger' menu on the sidebar widget in order to switch from section to section. Some other system like buttons could better guide users to the right sections.

    Shipped 🚀


    Bonus feature: You can now change the order of Topics, just like you can with Statuses.


    Ability to reorder Topics in sidebar

    Currently there's no way to reorder Topics in the sidebar, so you either have to know all the topics you want to add upfront and add them in the correct order, or deal with having Topics listed in a fairly random order. Being able to reorder Topics like you can Statuses would be fantastic.

    Shipped 🚀


    Head over to our Roadmap to see what is coming up.