New updates and improvements to

  1. Intercom Integration

    New Feature

    Our new Intercom Integration has launched and available on all plans!


    There are 2 parts to the new integration:

    • Inbox - Add feedback on behalf of customers and search for ideas from inside Inbox.
    • Messenger - Add Frill to your Messenger widget so your customers can add Ideas directly from your app.

    Install the Intercom Integration here 👉


  2. hide

    You can now keep certain ideas private to just you and your teammates. Simply hit the "Make Private" button in the admin panel, or turn on the toggle when adding an idea yourself.

    This is great for ideas you want to discuss internally but keep on the same board. You can view all private Ideas. You can make the Idea public when you are ready.

    Private Ideas are part of the Privacy Add-on.

    Thanks for the feature request Mark!


    Mark idea as private

    Certain ideas are mentioned within the team and may want to be kept private for some time. It will be nice to be able to mark ceratin ideas as private esptially when posted by a team member.

    Mark A
    Shipped 🚀



  3. Launched:


    • More examples for controlling the Widget using the Widget API.
    • Terminology now has a toggle to show which fields you have / have not updated.
    • Show all ideas when searching in merge idea form.
    • You can now authenticate users in the widget using JavaScript.


    • Fixed Zendesk Integration settings not saving.
    • Styled + fixed Roadmap scrollbars for Windows Users.

    Up Next:

    Check out our Roadmap.


  4. Don't need the Announcements section? No problem, turn it off!

    Don't need the Ideas section? No problem, turn it off!

    Don't need... ok, you get it right?

    You can now switch on/off (and re-order) the top level menu items of the web platform to suit your use case. Get started here.


    Thanks Andrew, for the Idea!


    Hide specific sections / menu items

    Would be useful to be able to choose to keep Ideas and Announcements public while keeping the roadmap private.

    Shipped 🚀


    This feature is available on any paid plan.


  5. Frill now hides any Ideas that are marked as Shipped.

    To activate this you will need to tell the app which of your custom Statuses is the "Shipped" one. Simply head to the Statuses section and fill in the drop down at the bottom of the page.


    If your customers want to see Shipped Ideas they can still use the filters or check out your Roadmap.


  6. Launched:


    • Search Improvements (Note: Please update your Terminology settings if you are using Frill in another language)


    • Fixed announcement categories UI bug
    • Notification emails for Outlook on iOS
    • Announcement webhook data missing

    Up Next:

    Check out our Roadmap


  7. Customers can now filter your Roadmap, just like they can with the Ideas section.

    This is perfect for companies with large Roadmaps filled with lots of ideas. It makes it super easy for customers to see ideas that are relevant to them


    Filter by Topic on Roadmap view

    I'd like my customers be able to filter by Topics on Roadmap view like I can on the Ideas section.

    Darren C
    Shipped 🚀


    Action required: If you have changed the language on Frill please head over to the Roadmap section on your board and edit the copy inline to whatever you like.

    Bonus feature: Roadmap now has a Title and Subtitle for you to edit, as well as Idea count in each column.


    Roadmap - count

    Roadmap - include the # of ideas present in any Statuses near the Statuses title. eg. Released (78)

    Shipped 🚀



  8. You can now invite teammates to your board as Moderators. Keep all your board settings and billing information private!


    Teammate permissions are available on all plans.

    Get started here.


  9. User Approval

    If you have the Privacy Add-on you can now vet new members before they are allowed onto your board.

    You can get started by turning on user approval in the Privacy section here.


  10. tag-users-comments

    You can now @mention customers and teammates in comments and private notes.

    Bonus: We have also created a new notification system... follow the blue dot! 🔵

    This feature is available on all plans, including our Free plan.


    Tag users in comments

    Allow us to @Tag users in comments and also reply to specific comments (like Facebook doing).

    Roy S
    Shipped 🚀