New updates and improvements to

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  1. New feature: Social Share Images

    Release Notes

    Social share images are now dynamically created from the Idea title and your company logo.



    Frill will use the theme from your board to create the image.


    Give it a whirl by sharing an Idea in Slack, X or Facebook.



  2. Just launched: User Segmentation πŸ”₯

    New Feature


    You can now add custom attributes to your customers and send targeted Announcements to them. For example, show an announcement to paying customers only, or to customers who have a certain feature enabled.

    Create your first segment in your dashboard, and check our help doc on how to set up custom attributes here.

    This powerful feature is available on the Business plan and above.



  3. Add an anonymous vote

    New Feature

    This small, but hugely powerful feature is now live. As before, you can vote on behalf of your customers, but now there is the additional option to add an anonymous vote.


    This is super useful when you want to keep your board and its activity private, or you don't know the identity of the user who asked for the feature.

    Anonymous voting is available on all plans.

    Thanks for the Idea Tami!


    Add Anonymous Vote

    We don't expose our Frill board to customers. Our sales reps and customer service agents collect feedback and then add a vote on behalf of someone each time they need to. Adding user details makes the process slow and unnecessary, when we don't need to track where the feedback came from. "Add Anonymous Vote" with a single click would help massively!

    Tami T
    Shipped πŸš€



  4. January 2024 Release Notes

    Release Notes


    • Beamer Importer


    • Added new activity types for company activity (inc. team activity widget)
    • Added custom logo link option
    • Show pending idea banner in widget (Privacy Add-on)
    • Added new "match all" options for Widget CSS selector
    • Added new Widget login and logout events (Javascript API)
    • Show private ideas in intercom search
    • Show limited advanced options for intercom widget
    • Improved roadmap drag n drop for empty columns


    • Fixed announcement scheduling timezone issue
    • Fixed logo and team member company setting UI bugs

    Up Next:

    Check out our Roadmap.


  5. Comment Approval

    New Feature

    You can now vet comments before they go live on your board.

    This is a simple, yet super handy feature that gives you peace of mind that any content can be checked first.

    If you have the Privacy Add-on you can turn on Comment Approval here, along with Idea Approval.

    Thanks Britt for the Idea!


    Comment Approval

    Currently I can approve ideas before they go onto my board, but I can't approve comments. This would be a handy feature for the Privacy Add-on

    Britt E
    Shipped πŸš€



  6. Features, Fixes & Release Notes

    Release Notes

    ICYMI, here's a roundup of the big and small things we've released recently...

    Big ones:

    • Private Topics
    • New dashboard experience
    • Drag and drop Roadmap
    • Idea polls and review widget Beta (Yes, we know you are excited about this one!)

    Little ones:

    • Added setting to hide login buttons
    • Custom social share image
    • Added block company follower
    • Added priority score display types (e.g. quadrant label)
    • Added new admin emails for idea and user approval, mentioned in a private note
    • Added new Idea activity feed events for priority scores and idea approval

    Improvements & Fixes:

    • Added canonical URLs for Ideas (SSO)
    • Hide idea follow button for guests
    • Fixed editor publish and scheduling
    • Fixed editor cross-browser selection issues
    • Fixed editor video aspect ratios
    • Fixed editor code block wrapping


  7. New dashboard, custom share image and more...

    Release Notes

    New: A brand new dashboard experience gives you great control over what is happening on your board. You can check all latest activity, ageing ideas, unprioritized ideas, Announcement stats and more.


    Admin Dashboard Updates

    Potential new dashboard features. Easily see what’s been happening on my board since I last logged in. Stats Number of ideas this week. Votes this week Basic visitor analytics Total tracked Users Top Users. See when someone has tagged me in a note. Install widget code. See how many ideas I have left. See how many ideas I’ve shipped See how many people viewed an Announcement Know what plan I’m on. Ageing Ideas Approve ideas if Pre-Approve turned on. (Unbuilt Privacy feature) Get alerted to new Frill features. Assigns tasks / ideas to my teams mates Add Integrations Install widget code

    Mike Hill
    Shipped πŸš€


    New: Upload a custom share image for when you share your board on Facebook or Twitter.


    Social sharing settings (Image + Text)

    Would be really useful if I could define the text, description and image that are referenced when I share my Frill links anywhere.

    Andrew V
    Shipped πŸš€


    New: We have added a new role for team mates. "Viewers" can see all internl notes and ideas, but don't have editing powers.


    Teammate: View only permissions

    As our organization adopts Frill, we want to grant certain users the ability to view private ideas (and private topics) without also granting them administrator access. Specifically our use case is for tracking certain ideas that are either internal only or ideas that are associated to a client specific opportunity. This will allow us to set our employees as this new role or granting this new ability while leaving clients at the default level so they can not see the private ideas.

    Zach P
    Shipped πŸš€



    • Added a 'Blocked" tag to easier identify blocked tracked users.
    • Added setting to hide Log in & Sign up buttons in header (available with the Privacy Add-on).
    • Β 


    • Fixed loom video embed aspect ratio in announcements
    • Fixed window scroll bug with modal boosted announcements



  8. Draggable Roadmap for power users


    This one is for all the power users out there! Roadmap is now fully draggable. You then have the choice of notifying users of the change, or not.

    This is great for Product Managers who update their Roadmap once a month with lots of changes in one go.


    Drag and Drop in Roadmap view

    The roadmap view is a very useful view of the feature requests, and it would be very convenient to be able to scroll through items and to be able to just drag and drop them from one status to another rather than having to open the ticket, click on status and then choosing the right status one by one

    Ash A
    Shipped πŸš€



  9. Analytics for Widgets and Announcements

    New Feature

    V1 of Analytics is now live! This comprises 2 parts.


    1. Widget Analytics

    As widgets are unlimited with Frill, each widget has its own analytics. 4 stats are tracked per widget.

    1. Widget Views - Number of times the widget is opened
    2. Announcement views - Number of times the Announcement page of that widget is viewed.
    3. Roadmap Views - Number of times the Roadmap page of that widget is viewed.
    4. Ideas Views - Number of times the Ideas page of that widget is viewed.
    Frame 90883


    2. Announcement Analytics

    A simple count to show the number of views on any given Announcement. You can find the count in the bottom left of any Announcement.


    Please note: We track total views, not unique views for both.



    The ability to track statistics, how many users saw / clicked on the widget and put reactions

    Shipped πŸš€




  10. May 2023 Release Notes

    Release Notes


    • Allow more than one completed Status
    • Added sort by least votes & oldest options (Admin view only)
    • Added search shortcut
    • Shortlisting - Prioritization Matrix
    • Allow tab selection for mentions
    • Notifications page UI update
    • Save priority matrix view state in query
    • Show % symbol in priority chart input
    • Added embed support for
    • Simplified private company login flow


    • Fixed widget header scroll bug
    • Fixed mentions notification count bug
    • Clear voter search input on close
    • Updated delete user modal copy
    • Fixed overflowing bug with idea topics


    Up Next:

    Check out our RoadmapΒ