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    Public API

    I would love to have the possibility to fetch "ideas", "announcements" via API. So I can output it on my Web site.

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  2. Help center (KB)

    Creation of documentation, as a help base to assist users.

    Juninho M
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  3. 'Subscribe to updates' option

    It'll be great if users can subscribe to announcements so that they get automatic email updates on every new announcement. This can increase engagement with the product and bring back lost customers. Example:

    Waqar A
    #New Feature 🆕


  4. Dark mode (User Choice)

    I would like my users to be able to toggle between light and dark mode on my Frill board. Perhaps even a setting that automatically turns to dark mode at night time. This should be an optional setting and seperate to Themes which are decided by Admins.

    Mike Hill
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  5. Hide “Shipped” items from list view

    I’d like a toggle on the Status settings page to turn off “Shipped” from list view. This will stop people voting in ideas that have already launched.

    Mike Hill
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  6. ThriveDesk Integration

    I'd like to have a ThriveDesk ( for Frill so I can create a new idea from ThriveDesk ticket. And integration that allowed customers to be synced across platforms allowing voting on behalf as well as customer lookup.

    Hoang N
    #Integrations 🔗


  7. Idea/comment previews in Slack notification

    When an idea is created, or a comment added, the Slack notification currently provides a notification in the form of a link: "Charlie commented on idea [idea name & link]". It would be really nice to see a preview of the comment/idea description in this notification, to allow team members immediate visibility of the feedback, so we can have an internal chat about it in a Slack thread off that notification.

    Charlie P
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  8. A time estimate for how long a planned idea will take to before it's shipped

    As someone who's submitted an idea I want to know roughly how long it might be before it makes it into the product.

    Damien H
    #Improvement 👍


  9. Split an Idea.

    Hi, I recently got an idea which contains actually two ideas. I think there can also be scenarios where customers put some of the ideas together. (So it can be more than two) Aside from my decision about the idea, I would like to split them up. The function here would be a simple copy and edit on both sides, while the user and everything else remains the same. Regards Nuri

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  10. Wordpress Integration

    Would be great to have a plugin to embed the ideas/roadmap directly into Wordpress with SSO for logged in users.

    Ilan M
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  11. Idea Battles

    Problem: Sometimes we can't decide what idea to work on next. Solution: What if we could pin a "battle" to the top of the list... a bit like a pinned idea. A battle would comprise of two ideas. People can then choose one OR the other idea, not both. Each battle can have its own URL for easy sending in our own email platform. Potentially you could add a battle as a simple widget to your website / app as well.

    Mike Hill
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  12. Search and filter improvement

    Please make a real search with filter. Current dropdown is not enough. I should be able to type any word (or part of the word) - you do the deep search and filter me items that contain this word. PLEASE. IT IS IMPORTANT !!

    Gennady B
    #Improvement 👍#Misc 🤷


  13. Mobile SDKs

    It would be great if we can configure this on mobile apps to get feedback. Many people leave comments about issues on App stores because there's no such option to leave feedback or suggestions on the app (without leaving the app).

    Hasintha R
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  14. Vote against an idea

    Add the ability to vote against an idea. Allows for greater identification of controversial or otherwise non-unanimous feedback.

    Edward J
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  15. Nested Comments

    As a user or an admin I'd like to respond directly to comments on an idea.

    Mike Hill
    #Improvement 👍#New Feature 🆕