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    Better idea approval settings

    As an admin, I don't want spam and want to be able to block silly suggestions & censor people and all their contributions.

    Boris G
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  • Ability to translate announcements in several languages

    Our saas product is translated in 5 languages and we use the Widget to promote our latest features. Problem: Having the widget with announcements only in English creates an inconsistent user experience and it is not inclusive for our customers who don't speak English and have their interface in Spanish or French for example. Solution: The goal would be to create an interface on the edit announcement page to add languages, and the ability to enter the right translation for each set language. Lacking that feature in the long term would be a deal-breaker.

    Alexandre H
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  • Anonymous Users

    We plan on using Frill for internal HR initiatives. We’d like people to be able to vote and create ideas anonymously. We’re hoping this will allow them to feedback more honestly.

    Mike H
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  • Topic Icons

    Useful & user friendly (see attached image - to replace current hashtag symbol) and a professional/corporate option to the emojis that are currently used as examples [EDIT] Material Design Icons (Google) have an excellent and large range of icons and it's growing. Just include a text field that if it stays empty then the original Hastag icon displays. If the icon's name (ID) is included you can automatically go and get the icon from Google - no library to maintain and no complicated UI to create maintain either. (see attached image).

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  • Ability to hide one section while keeping others public

    Would be useful to be able to choose to keep Ideas and Announcements public while keeping the roadmap private.

    #New Feature πŸ†•#Privacy πŸ”’


  • Search and filter improvement

    Please make a real search with filter. Current dropdown is not enough. I should be able to type any word (or part of the word) - you do the deep search and filter me items that contain this word. PLEASE. IT IS IMPORTANT !!

    Gennady B
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Misc 🀷


  • Templates for announcement

    I would like to have a template whenever I want to create a new announcement. I want it to save my headers and formattings and maybe include placeholders for images/text blocks.

    Olivia C
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  • Allow users to subscribe to Announcements

    One feature I miss from some of your competitors is the ability for users to subscribe to Announcements. When posting new announcements, the admin can choose to have it emailed to all announcement subscribers. This is a great way to keep users informed of updates and announcements, though the infrastructure to handle any site that gets a lot of subscribers might be substantial. Perhaps a certain level of subscribers (e.g., up to 1000) could be offered for free with additional subscribers incurring an additional cost?

    Eric F
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  • Custom links in menu

    I'd like to add some custom links to the menu. Things like links to our help docs or maybe an on boarding video.

    Mike Hill
    #New Feature πŸ†•#Widget πŸš€


  • Boosted Announcements

    It would be great if we could have new Announcements come up as a small modal. This would highlight the Announcement even more than the current notification badge.

    Mike Hill
    #New Feature πŸ†•#Styling 🎨#Widget πŸš€


  • Allow team members to automatically join your board

    Could we make it so that anyone with a companies email automatically becomes an admin? As an example, say that you’re the admin of Nike. You can toggle on an option under settings that anyone with a email can automatically join the board as an admin. This way it makes it easier to have new team members join your board.



  • GitHub Integration

    The ability to create a Github ticket from Frill Ideas and when those ideas change status the Frill status updates in the roadmap as well

    Ivy Q
    #New Feature πŸ†•#Integrations πŸ”—#Statuses βŒ›


  • "Add an Idea" Section (to accompany Ideas, Roadmap, Latest Changes)

    A 4th section that was "Add and Idea" would make adding an idea the MAIN focus of the widget - though with other options selectable in the widget's menu. After someone added an idea, the showers of confetti would come down - maybe even page wide, that'd be sweeet - and then there'd be 2 buttons: 1) add another idea, and 2) check out other existing ideas. Or something like that - it would be REALLY helpful for incentivizing idea adding, whereas when there are already a ton of ideas that someone can look at they might get confused/turned off - or be afraid that their idea is already on there and don't want to look silly (but don't care enough to search through existing ideas to see if they're posting a similar one)

    Eric L
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  • Display total number of ideas in roadmap statuses

    Roadmap - show near the statuses label the number of idea included eg Implemented (45)

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  • Moderation for ideas

    It would be nice to have not to post ideas before prelimanary approval. So that won't be any dickpics, info that might hurt comapny's reputation, etc.

    Vitalii R
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Privacy πŸ”’