Frill feature requests

Feature suggestions for πŸš€

  1. Custom links in menu

    I'd like to add some custom links to the menu. Things like links to our help docs or maybe an on boarding video.

    Mike Hill
    #New Feature πŸ†•#Widget πŸš€


  2. Advanced Text Editor

    More options to format the body of your idea as well as attach screenshots and screen recordings.

    Mike Hill


  3. β€œMy ideas” in profile Menu

    It would be useful to have a β€œMy ideas” menu containing all ideas I created to follow up how they are going

    #Improvement πŸ‘


  4. Medium Integration

    Integration with medium to share the roadmap, ideas and announces could potentially bring more people to frill and help businesses increase their reach

    Rezrva T
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Integrations πŸ”—


  5. Ability to identify anonymous voters by IP address

    One of our ideas gets too much voting and I am afraid that this is the one user with multiple incognito sessions - so we need some ways to find the truth :)

    WP Royal T
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Misc 🀷


  6. 'Subscribe to updates' option

    It'll be great if users can subscribe to announcements so that they get automatic email updates on every new announcement. This can increase engagement with the product and bring back lost customers. Example:

    Waqar A
    #New Feature πŸ†•


  7. Sign up for account using Google, 0365, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter in addition to email

    Canny and Upvoty both allow these signup options

    #New Feature πŸ†•#Integrations πŸ”—#Deal Breaker πŸ’”


  8. Idea Battles

    Problem: Sometimes we can't decide what idea to work on next. Solution: What if we could pin a "battle" to the top of the list... a bit like a pinned idea. A battle would comprise of two ideas. People can then choose one OR the other idea, not both. Each battle can have its own URL for easy sending in our own email platform. Potentially you could add a battle as a simple widget to your website / app as well.

    Mike Hill
    #New Feature πŸ†•#Misc 🀷


  9. Analytics

    The ability to track statistics, how many users saw / clicked on the widget and put reactions

    #New Feature πŸ†•#Widget πŸš€


  10. Translate Announcements in several languages

    Our saas product is translated in 5 languages and we use the Widget to promote our latest features. Problem: Having the widget with announcements only in English creates an inconsistent user experience and it is not inclusive for our customers who don't speak English and have their interface in Spanish or French for example. Solution: The goal would be to create an interface on the edit announcement page to add languages, and the ability to enter the right translation for each set language. Lacking that feature in the long term would be a deal-breaker.

    Alexandre H
    #New Feature πŸ†•#Deal Breaker πŸ’”#Languages πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¬


  11. Wordpress Plug-in - SSO

    At the moment wordpress users cannot use the SSO in the roadmap widget. This would be a welcome addition.

    Mark F
    #Improvement πŸ‘#Widget πŸš€#Privacy πŸ”’


  12. Customize Idea Submission Form

    While I really like how simple the idea submission form is, we want our contributors to be thinking about risk and impact when they make their suggestions. Customizing the form - changing the default text, and/or adding additional fields would be really helpful! I want to be able to ask: what problem are you trying to solve? What is your proposed solution?

    Megan C
    #Improvement πŸ‘#New Feature πŸ†•#Misc 🀷


  13. Mobile SDKs

    It would be great if we can configure this on mobile apps to get feedback. Many people leave comments about issues on App stores because there's no such option to leave feedback or suggestions on the app (without leaving the app).

    Hasintha R
    #Improvement πŸ‘#New Feature πŸ†•#Integrations πŸ”—


  14. A time estimate for how long a planned idea will take to before it's shipped

    As someone who's submitted an idea I want to know roughly how long it might be before it makes it into the product.

    Damien H
    #Improvement πŸ‘


  15. Add deep linking into widgets

    It would be nice to be able to send a link to a specific idea when using Frill's widget and have it open in the right spot This would be useful for sharing ideas with folks directly so they can go and vote on them

    #New Feature πŸ†•