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    Automated AI feature suggestions

    What if Frill automatically created Ideas based off conversations from our sales and support teams? It could work like this... Frill connects to places like Intercom, Helpscout, Zenddesk, Discord, Slack etc Once a day, information is collected and sent to a GPT to summarise. Frill then suggests potential new Ideas each morning based on yesterday's discussions. Admins then just hit approve. No need to write them out. Voting could also be automated.

    Mike Hill
    #Ideas 💡


  2. Idea Polls Widget

    Some newer ideas are not getting the air time they deserve due to email fatigue. I would like to show my customers a selection of (3) ideas and ask which one is more important to them. Ideas could be chosen randomly, or selected by me. This would be shown inside my app via the widget as a poll.

    Mike Hill
    #New Feature 🆕#Widget 🛠️#Ideas 💡


  3. Custom links in menu

    I'd like to add some custom links to the menu. Things like links to our help docs or maybe an on boarding video.

    Mike Hill
    #New Feature 🆕#Widget 🛠️


  4. Add Custom JS Code

    This helps: Easily add support Chat Important announcements, CTA via tools like convertbox

    Hoang N
    #Improvement 👍#New Feature 🆕


  5. Feedback Beacons

    I would like to collect inline feedback on features that we have already launched. To do this it would be great of I could add a 'Beacon' to any container for users to feedback specifically on that feature. This will help us close the feedback loop and continuously improve our product. Bonus: no code solution allowing me to add Beacons via a chrome app, and ability to launch a Beacon via API.

    Mike Hill
    #New Feature 🆕


  6. A time estimate (ETA) for Ideas

    As someone who's submitted an idea I want to know roughly how long it might be before it makes it into the product.

    Damien H
    #Improvement 👍#Ideas 💡


  7. Publicly visible Prioritization Scores

    Implement a feature that allows the prioritization variables to be made visible to customers. This would enable our customers to see how their proposals are prioritized based on predefined criteria (e.g., impact on revenue, plan tier).

    Nil D
    #Improvement 👍#Prioritization 🔢


  8. 'Subscribe to updates' option

    It'll be great if users can subscribe to announcements so that they get automatic email updates on every new announcement. This can increase engagement with the product and bring back lost customers. Example:

    Waqar A
    #New Feature 🆕#Deal Breaker 💔#Announcements 📣


  9. Translate Announcements in several languages

    Our saas product is translated in 5 languages and we use the Widget to promote our latest features. Problem: Having the widget with announcements only in English creates an inconsistent user experience and it is not inclusive for our customers who don't speak English and have their interface in Spanish or French for example. Solution: The goal would be to create an interface on the edit announcement page to add languages, and the ability to enter the right translation for each set language. Lacking that feature in the long term would be a deal-breaker.

    Alexandre H
    #New Feature 🆕#Deal Breaker 💔#Announcements 📣


  10. Linear Integration

    It would be great to get a linear integration, like open issues in linear from ideas and change ideas status on roadmap based on linear issues status on trigger idk.

    Pedro L
    #Integrations 🔗#Deal Breaker 💔


  11. Mobile SDKs

    It would be great if we can configure this on mobile apps to get feedback. Many people leave comments about issues on App stores because there's no such option to leave feedback or suggestions on the app (without leaving the app).

    Hasintha R
    #Improvement 👍#New Feature 🆕#Integrations 🔗


  12. Download voters email addresses

    I would like to be able to download a csv or excel file of an idea's voter's email addresses. This way, I can easily get in touch with them for follow-up research.

    Hannah R
    #Improvement 👍


  13. Clickup Integration

    We use Clickup as management tool. It would be great to have a direct integration with the app.

    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗#Deal Breaker 💔


  14. Export All Ideas

    You can import ideas, would be great to export all existing ideas too. That'd give the option to make changes (names, emails, description, etc.) and then import them.

    Brian S
    #Improvement 👍#New Feature 🆕


  15. Segmentation of Ideas Board by Customer Attributes

    We need the ability to feed properties from our database to the voters on the ideas board. This will allow us to segment the ideas board based on specific customer properties gathered during sign-up. This segmentation will enable us to prioritize ideas linked to high-priority segments. Additionally, we request the capability to export users who voted on individual ideas, so we can match our data and better understand feature popularity across different segments.

    Rider L
    #Improvement 👍#Prioritization 🔢