The widget now has two new menu types: Dropdown and Tabs. This makes navigating multi section widgets much easier for your customers.

When you are signed in, head over to the widget builder and choose your navigation type in the Sections panel.


Widget Menu - easier way to switch sections

First, congratulations for the app, we're loving it !!!! In my opinion it's no too clear the 'hamburger' menu on the sidebar widget in order to switch from section to section. Some other system like buttons could better guide users to the right sections.

Shipped 🚀


Bonus feature: You can now change the order of Topics, just like you can with Statuses.


Ability to reorder Topics in sidebar

Currently there's no way to reorder Topics in the sidebar, so you either have to know all the topics you want to add upfront and add them in the correct order, or deal with having Topics listed in a fairly random order. Being able to reorder Topics like you can Statuses would be fantastic.

Shipped 🚀


Head over to our Roadmap to see what is coming up.