The comments section gets an overhaul today with two nice enhancements...


Nested Comments ↩ī¸

Nested replies helps your customers have a cohesive conversation around a topic within the comments section. This works especially well when admins combine this with Pinned Comments.


Nested Comments

As a user or an admin I'd like to respond directly to comments on an idea.

Mike Hill
Shipped 🚀


Comment Reactions đŸ”Ĩ

Choose from 6 emojis to show people what you think about a comment.


Comment Reactions

As an admin I want to give kudos or like a comment to show the person I heard them, rather than writing a full reply. Perhaps even a selection of reaction like on Facebook and Instagram.

Edward B
Shipped 🚀


Not happy with reactions? Not to worry... you can turn them off here.