Nov 26, 2020

No more Gifs!

So apparently you hate the "You Rock" Gifs.... That's fine... we can take a hint! (We're a bit tired of them too!).

You can now turn them off here. Thanks David!


Make the You Rock gif optional on submit

Not sure I want my enterprise B2B customers seeing that on each submittal. It's "funny" but not really necessary. I would say just bring the user back to the idea or the place to submit more ideas. Perhaps that can be an optional item in the backend you can toggle on/off. If always on, let me set my own animated gif and message.

David FSep 26


Hide from Google

We have a whole load of features coming out to help with privacy of your account. This is the first of many features we are working on. You can now hide your Ideas board from Google here.

Better Email Notifications

Your customers can now choose which emails they want to receive. And you can also do that here for your Frill account too!

Archive Ideas

Some ideas just need to be put to bed, but not killed. archiving ideas means that an Idea is no longer searchable and it doesn't show in the main list. This is great for when an idea is shipped for example. We are working on more granular idea management as well as Merging which will launch soon.


Archive completed ideas

I’d like the option archive ideas so they don’t show up in the list.It would be quite nice if they still appeared in search so people knew they were already built.

Mike HillSep 9


Update: UI update for adding ideas... We've made it easier to dismiss the suggested ideas that popup.

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where draft Announcements were triggering a notification in the widget

That's all folks! We'll soon be launching our paid plans and SSO. Watch this space!